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Fish & Chips @ ARS Electronica - Takeover - 2001

The first public outcome of the project - Fish & Chips - was presented in the Ars Electronica Festival, “Takeover”, 2001. In this case we used the real time electrical activity of fish tectum (slices of brain) to control the robotic drawing arm that produced "visual art" and a sound piece.

We closed the feedback loop by determining the frequency of stimulating the neurons according to the music that was generated on the fly. A sound sensitive switch to the audio output was employed as a source for the feedback of electrical stimulation back to the neurons. This was still a very symbolic way of doing it.

The installation featured a laboratory/studio set-up, prototypes and documentation of the project, and was an example of the research being conducted in SymbioticA – The Art & Science Collaborative Laboratory, School of Anatomy & Human Biology, University of Western Australia . It was the first generation of the project.

For this project we applied to the Ethical Committee of UWA to get an approval to realise this project as an art project. The Ethical committee disqualified itself from reaching a decision and delegated it to the vice chancellor of the University.