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MEART is a result of a collaboration between SymbioticA Research Group of
(SymbioticA - The Art & Science Collaborative Research Lab, University of WA), Dr. Steve Potter's Lab (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology) and the Ultrafuturo Group

Douglas Bakkum (Steve Potter's Lab)
Born in USA, lived in Slovakia and France. Received a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering which provided insight into the workings of the physical world, but he is now interested in the workings of the mind and its perception of the physical world. Currently a doctoral student in the Bioengineering Department at Georgia Tech under the guidance of Steve Potter. Interested in embodying cultured neurons with robots to study the importance of environment in the processes of neural networks.

Guy Ben Ary (SymbioticA Research Group)
Born in USA (1967), lived in Israel and Australia. Currently living and working in WA. Manager of the biological imaging facility of the school of Anatomy and Human Biology, UWA. Specialising in light microscopy, biological and digital imaging. Artist in resident of SymbioticA – The Art & Science Collaborative Lab since April 2000. Trained in programming, web development & Law (LLB). Main research area - cybernatics and the interface of biological material to robotics.

Dr. Stuart Bunt (SymbioticA Research Group)
MA (Natural Philosophy) DPhil (Developmental Neuroscience)
Co-founder and scientific director of SymbioticA, the first art and biology lab situated in a science department. Consults and lectures on the nexus between Art/Science and Technology, the Philosophy and History of Science. Exhibited in Ars Electronica and collaborated or helped produce a number of biotech art pieces revolving around emergent technologies in the biosciences. Background in science (developmental neuroscience lab, D Phil in Natural Philosophy, Oxford), senator at the University of Western Australia, chief executive biomedical software spin off company, Paradigm Diagnostics, and founder of the Image Acquisition and Analysis Facility, UWA.

Oron Catts (SymbioticA Research Group)
Tissue engineer artist. Born in Finland, lived in Israel and Australia. Co-Founder and Artistic Director of SymbioticA – The Art & Science Collaborative Research Laboratory at The School of Anatomy & Human Biology, University of Western Australia. Founder of the Tissue Culture and Art Project (1996). Research fellow at The Tissue Engineering & Organ Fabrication Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (2000-2001). Trained in product design, and specialized in the future interaction of design and biological derived technologies.

Tom DeMarse (Steve Potter's Lab)
is a postdoctoral researcher in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Georgia Tech. His primary research interests include the study learning and memory invitro and invivo. He has worked with Steve Potter for over two years on the Animat Project whose goal is to create a hybrid animal using mult-electrode array technology in which a biological brain that is cultured invitro is interfaced and controls a computer/robotic body.

Phil Gamblen (SymbioticA Research Group)
Born in England, trained and worked as a gem cutter in Canada before moving to Australia and migrating into the arts where he graduated with a Honours Degree in Fine Art (sculpture). Specialises in the use of mechanics, electronics, and robotics to create kinetic art. Current artworks utilise motion and light to investigate technological aspects of today’s culture, the overlap of art and science and the re-use of obsolete and discarded materials. The physical forces and structures within nature are of great interest to him and are a constant reference in his work.

Radhika Madhavan (Steve Potter's Lab)
is a doctoral student in Department of Bioengineering at Georgia Institute of Technology working under the guidance of Dr.Steve Potter. She has a BS and MS degree from India in Electrical Engineering. Her primary interest is in the study of stimulation induced plasticity and other learning mechanisms in cultured neural networks and modification of connections resulting from them.

Oleg Mavromatti (Ultrafuturo Group)
Born in Russia, lives and works in Bulgaria. Mavromatti is an interdisciplinary artist, who works in the fields of performance, installation, film, video and computer animation. Mavromatti is an outstanding representative of the Moscow radical art. His performances and artistic interventions react rapidly to the socio-political changes in Russia during the 1990’s and have been shown locally and internationally at Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; The Culture Center of Stockholm, Museum of Cinema, Rigina and Guelman’s Gallery Moscow. Their documentation is a part of the collection of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. 1991 - a member of Expropriation of the Teriothory of Art (ETI) Group and 1993-95 a member of NECEZIUDIK. Founder of Supernova Film Union, STIK Moscow Film Festival and Ultrafuturo Group. His current interests are in the intersection of technology, ethics and human/machine identity.

Peter Passaro (Steve Potter's Lab)
is graduate student in the Neuroengineering Laboratory at Georgia Tech. recieved a BS in
microbiology and an MS in molecular and cell biology from the University of Florida and was previously an analyst in the biotechnology of aging field. He currently is developing microscopic imaging in the Potter Lab and is curious about how the physical structure of neural networks is connected to their behavior.

Dr. Steve M. Potter (Steve Potter's Lab)
is the product of an artistic mother and a scientific father, who fostered both creativity and curiosity. As a result, he is perhaps more interested in the aesthetics and presentation of scientific data than most scientists, eager to make it interesting for the general public. He got his undergraduate degree in biochemistry at the Univ. of California, San Diego, and his PhD in neurobiology at the Univ. of California, Irvine. He worked as a postdoctoral scientist 8 years at the California Institute of Technology, developing tools to study living neuronal networks. He is now a professor of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

Boryana Rossa (Ultrafuturo group)
Born in Bulgaria. MFA Public arts from the National Academy of Fine Arts Sofia. Rossa makes photographs, films, performances and combinations of all these. Her last projects - “Spookybots”, “Robo-Sapiens”, “Roboriada”, “Citizen Robot” and the curatorial project "Defenseless and Bad" are dedicated to the rights of the robots in contemporary society and have been exhibited at L Gallery Moscow, Foundation for Art and Creative Technologies (FACT), Liverpool, Society for Art and Technology (SAT), Montreal; CMU Art Museum, Chiangmai, Thailand; National Gallery of Fine Arts, Sofia etc. Rossa is a member of Supernova Film Union since 2000. She is founder of Ultrafuturo Group, together with O. Mavromatti.

Alexander C. Shkolnik (Steve Potter's Lab)
is an undergraduate at Emory University, Atlanta, GA, graduating with a B.S in neuroscience and behavioral biology and a joint B.S / M.S in computer science and mathematics. He is currently working on his masters thesis as a research fellow in Steve Potter's lab. Interested in merging the fields of neuroscience and computer science, Alexander hopes to continue his academic career in Artificial Intelligence.

Iain Sweetman (SymbioticA Research Group)
Through an eclectic and undistinguished career Iain Sweetman is uniquely unqualified in, but has at one time or another earned a living from; photography, bacteriology, pulmonary physiology, bass playing, record production, sound engineering, neurobiologly, forensic anthropology, maths, applied computer science, network administration, artificial intelligence, strange art projects involving fish and robots and, tentatively, haptics . He still does not know what he wants to do with his life, but if he ever gets paid what he thinks the world owes him, travelling around the world with a bicycle, a tent and a credit card is a strong possibility.

Ionat Zurr (SymbioticA Research Group)
Wet Biology art practitioner. Born in England, lived in Israel and Australia. Artist in residence in SymbioticA – The Art & Science Collaborative Research Laboratory at The School of Anatomy & Human Biology, University of Western Australia. Co-Founder of the Tissue Culture and Art Project. Research fellow at The Tissue Engineering & Organ Fabrication Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School(2000-2001) Studied photography and media studies, specializing in biological and digital imaging, as well as video production.