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MEART & the Portrait Series


We exhibited the The Portrait Series in several exhibitions (Perth, NYC, Bilbao & Melbourne). In these exhibitions MEART was drawing portraits of visitors in the Gallery.

A web cam captures portraits of viewers within the gallery space. These images are then converted into a stimulation map and used to stimulate the neurons (this is the beginning of a drawing process). A multi channel electrophysiological recording from a neuronal culture (“MEARTS brain”) is performed in Potter's lab. The resulting data sets are processed in two locations – Atlanta & the location of the arm. The processed outcome is used to control and move the drawing arm. The progress of the drawing is monitored and compared with the original portrait. The difference between the original portrait and the progressing drawing is then sent back to the lab as another stimulation map to complete the feedback loop and this whole process continues until a threshold of marks on paper is passed. This is the end of a drawing (Click here for "how it works" illustration)


The Portraits (as drawn in ARTSBOTS, NYC)


The Subjects (as captured in ARTSBOTS, NYC)