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Public Talks


  • 9.6.04 – MEART the semi living artist, Floor talk, 2004: Australian Culture Now, Australian Centre for Moving Image, Melbourne , Australia . (By Phil Gamblen, Guy Ben-Ary & Doug Bakkum
  • 27.5.2004 - Learning the language of neural networks using embodiment cultured neurons, School of Anatomy & human Biology, UWA, Perth, Australia (By Doug Bakkum)
  • 26.4.04 – “Embodiment of Neurons in Space” - International Festival of New Technologies, Art + Communication - "Challenges for a Ubiquitous Identity", 2004, Bilbao , Spain . (By Guy Ben-Ary)
  • 7.1.04 – MEART the semi living artist, “Beyond the Keyboard” conference, Bread Box Gallery, Perth (By Guy Ben-Ary)
  • 8.1.03 – Is it Sentient? Can it Learn?, Faculty of visual arts, LaSalle-SIA College of the arts, Singapore (By Guy Ben-Ary)
  • 5.8.02 - The Aesthetics of Care?, Biennale of electronic arts Perth , Meart – the semi living artist (By Guy Ben-Ary)
  • 7.12.01 - talk at the second iteration conferance on generative systems in electronic art (Dr. Stuart bunt)
  • 31.10.01 Talk at Emerson Collage (By Oron Catts)
  • 1-4.11.01 Talk at the 4S Conference as part of "Artist in Vivo" Panel (By Oron Catts)
  • 3.11.01 "That Which is Alive Should Not Be Art: Anxiety About Bio-art" (Aslihan Sanal MIT)
  • 5.11.01 Talk at the Technology & Self Meeting (Professor Sherry Turkle), STS (By Oron Catts)
  • San Francisco USA (By Oron Catts)-
    • 9.11.01 Talk at the Department of Conceptual Information Arts, SFSU
    • 12.11.01 Talk at the SF Exploratorium.
  • 7.11.01 At the Department of Art & Technology, Art Institute of Chicago (By Oron Catts)
  • 28.10.01 - a talk at the Innovation arts-media-design - a national symposium, Queensland University of Technology (By Guy Ben-Ary)
  • 29.10.01 - a talk to the postgraduates student at the Creative Industries school, Queensland University of Technology (By Guy Ben-Ary)